Monday, February 20, 2012

Back to the Land of the Living!

I've not posted for months!!  I decided to give the blog a facelift and freshen things up a bit :)
Valentines Day was a GREAT day for BA Bakes.  I had such a wonderful time baking and delivering Valentine treats for so many people.  Met a few new folks along the way as well.

I'm working on new St. Patty treats and will post pics soon!  My wonderful daughter bought me several cupcake and cake pop books for Christmas, so my mind is racing with ideas to try!  She also suggested that I start keeping a photo journal of my baking so that one day we can compile a cookbook.  I think that'd be an amazing project to complete with my four girls by my side...and the wonderful husband who so selflessly gives me money to buy new gadgets.  :)

I am now the proud owner of both a Cricut Expressions 2 as well as the Cricut Cake Mini.  I can cut fondant to create amazing designs as well as make custom wrappers and pics for any occasion.  How exciting!!!

BA Bakes will be at the Boyce Elementary Bazaar on March 3rd, with all kinds of deliciousness!!!  Boyce is located on 66 in Ionia.  The Bazaar will have many booths, offering crafts, vendors etc and should be a blast!!

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