BA Bakes now offers cakes!

9" Round ( double layer)- $25
Full Sheet- $50
               Cricut-cut Fondant Images are available at extra cost

Gourmet Flavors 
$15 dozen and up

  • the King- banana cupcake with peanut butter/marshmallow buttercream frosting (in honor of the King, Elvis Presley)
  • The Lunch Box- peanut butter cupcake, filled with grape or strawberry jelly, topped with marshmallow fluff-buttercream
  • the Girls Best Friend- dark chocolate fudge cupcake with fudge frosting and a mini Hershey bar tucked into the frosting
  • the Strawberry Field- strawberry cupcake with strawberry buttercream/cream cheese frosting.
  • the Kahlua~n~Cream- white cupcake with Kahlua buttercream frosting (also avail w/choc)
  • the Margaritaville- strawberry or lime margarita cupcake with tequila/lime buttercream frosting 
  • the Pirate's Booty- butter pecan cupcake with rum buttercream frosting topped with a candied pecan
  • the Apple Pie-  granny smith apple chunk/spice cupcake with cinnamon buttercream frosting and homemade oat crumbles
  • the Orange Crush- orange cupcake with orange buttercream, both flavored with Orange Crush soda 
  • the Rootbeer Float- white cupcake coupled with rootbeer barrel candies baked inside, with A&W rootbeer infused buttercream frosting 
  • the Peaches~n~Cream- delicate chunky peach cupcake with vanilla-peach buttercream frosting 
  • the Tiramisut- Italian vanilla cupcake topped with espresso-mascarpone buttercream frosting, dusted with cocoa powder.  Delicioso!
  • the Honey Pot- delicious honey cupcake crowned with a honey-buttercream frosting
  • the lemonade- bright lemon cupcake made with fresh lemonade topped with lemon buttercream
  • the Coffee Shop- mocha cupcake topped with espresso-fudge buttercream frosting
  • the Great Pumpkin- pumpkin spice cupcake topped with cream cheese buttercream frosting
  • the Cherries Jubilee- chunky cherry cupcake topped with a cherry buttercream frosting
  • the Coconut Cream- very light coconut cupcake topped with coconut buttercream frosting
  • Bourbon-Maple Cream- french vanilla/maple cake topped with bourbon-maple infused buttercream, sprinkled with maple candy
  • the Red Velvet- buttermilk, lightly chocolate cupcake BRIGHT red, topped with choice of buttercream or cream cheese frosting
  • the Hot Chocolate- silky milk chocolate cupcake with airy whipped creamy center, topped with fluffy white buttercream frosting
  • The Razzle Dazzle- sweet raspberry infused cupcake topped with fresh raspberry swirled buttercream frosting

  • Gluten Free Devils Food Cupcakes $18 per dozen, topped with buttercream frosting of your choice
 all cupcakes can be decorated to your specifications. 

Specialty Items
  • chocolate dipped banana pops with your choice of decorations (nuts, sprinkles, mini choc chips, coconut, Nerds)  whole frozen bananas on sticks dipped in either dark, milk or white chocolate    $10 dozen  FROZEN
  • flavored popcorn ball pops (cherry, orange, lime, strawberry, blue raspberry, grape or lemon flavors)  who wouldn't love a popcorn ball on a stick??    $7 dozen  
  • cake balls/cake pops (chocolate, yellow, white birthday cake or strawberry) dipped in either vanilla or chocolate candy coating in a rainbow of colors, decorated with various candies, sprinkles and  swirls      $10 dozen   $15 and up for gourmet flavors or special decoration

Breads  $6 per loaf
  • Banana-cherry-chocolate chip loaf
  • Double chocolate chunk loaf
  • Blueberry crumb loaf
  • rhubarb-strawberry loaf
  • Chai spice loaf
  • Chunky Peanut butter loaf                                          
     Handmade chocolate candies, dipped pretzels, oreo truffles and lollipops.  Prices vary by detail and size.  Contact me for pricing or any questions.
  • pirates
  • roses
  • flowers
  • bugs/bees
  • gardening
  • stars
  • hearts
  • smileys
  • butterflies
  • sports
    Pretzel Rods available dipped in candy coat, and/or with hand-poured chocolate designs on the rods.  $8 doz dipped, $10 doz poured designs