Tuesday, April 19, 2011

the PEEP

    So, my mom has taken extreme pleasure in torturing me with Peeps my whole life...okay, not torture, but teasing at the very least.  I have, upon occasion, received multiple packages of these sugar-coated marshmallow chicks and bunnies, in every color of the rainbow.  Usually, they end up in the trash or like last year, in the chicken coop out back!
    Well, this year, I discovered an adorable use for the dreaded Peep.  I do not like them, Sam I am.  But I LOVE the adorable Peep wreath created by Stephanie at   www.sweetcreationsbystephanie.com
I'll post a pic of the best use for a Peep I've ever seen.  No eating required!!!  I do, however, hope to make some rainbow-colored s'mores using Peeps this year...maybe I'll be able to choke em down that way!!

Stephanie, you're a genius!!

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